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Jason Drozdowski #19


Question: What was your introduction to paintball, and what year was it and at what field?

Answer: I went to my friends birthday party at GRC and we all had tons of fun and kept heading up to GRC because it’s so close to home and eventually I started getting into the hobby and getting competitive with it.


Question: Years played in the sport?

Answer: I’ve played about 3 years of paintball but mainly only in the summer though because I’m young and always busy with school and sports etc.


Question: What fields have you played at?

Answer: I’ve played at GRC many times and I played at a field in Detroit when I was on vacation.


Question: What team or teams have you been a part of or played for?

Answer: Buffalo Paintball


Question: What is your favorite marker of choice?

Answer: I used to rock with Etha but at the moment I’ve been enjoying my Bob Long marker.


Question: Are you more Speedball or Woodsball?

Answer: I like woodsball better for now at least because you can’t expect anything and it’s what I first started playing. Scenario games make woodsball especially fun.


Question: What is your occupation?

Answer: I help out at GRC.


Question: What area are you from?

Answer: Belfast, New York


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