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Patrick Franzenburg #0311

Question: What was your introduction to paintball, and what year was it and at what field?

Answer: I was introduced to paintball in the year 2000 when I was about 10 years old. I started playing on my family farm with family. I didn’t play on a designated field until approximately 2005 at a small field in Shellsburg, Iowa called Adventure Park Paintball.

Question: Years played in the sport?

Answer: 19 years off and on in the sport.

Question: What fields have you played at?

Answer: Adventure Park Paintball - Shellsburg, Iowa. The Paintball Field- Camp Pendleton, California. Pinnacle Woods - Chardon, Ohio. Battlefront Paintball- Hubbard, Ohio. 

Question: What team or teams have you been a part of or played for?

Answer:  .68 Mafia, Buffalo Paintball.

Question: What is your favorite marker of choice?

Answer: Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R.

Question: Are you more Speedball or Woodsball?

Answer: Prefer Woodsball, but speedball is awesome as well.

Question: What is your occupation?

Answer: Lead Granite Countertop Installer (current)

United States Marine Corps Infantry Rifleman (0311) (former)

Question: What area are you from?

Answer: Born in Lexington, Kentucky. Grew up in Benton County, Iowa. Currently live in Cleveland, Ohio.


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