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Spotlight 8/5/19 Djuan Mitchell

Welcome back everyone, it was a great weekend at Pentagon Paintball where Battle of Mount Olympus was held. We’d like to thank everyone that was able to attend and if you couldn’t, we hope to see you at the next game!

Let’s get to tonight’s spotlight; We’ve asked Djuan Mitchell of 13th Legionaries, from Hillside, New Jersey to give us his take on paintball and how he’s liked it so far.

He started playing paintball in Camden, NJ in 2005 and has been playing scenario/woodsball since 2007. His stomping grounds are at Level Up Paintball in Columbus OH; he also likes to travel quite a bit, telling us of all the fields he’s been to while playing. He first started at On Target Paintball and then began traveling to many others; Quick Shot Paintball, Fort Knox, White River, Cousins Paintball, CPX, Black Ops, Cleveland Iron League, Battlefront Paintball and Indy Battlegrounds.

Everyone that plays paintball, knows that it’s all about the fun. Djuan is no different and loves to see the smiles on everyone’s face, just doing what they love to do. He loves meeting new people and getting to talk to everyone about their experiences, which are all unique to each player. “It’s interesting to see their perspective” he told us, while also mentioning that sometimes paintball can be a brain buster, strategizing over how to push the other team back, or maybe figuring out how to get that one guy out from behind the thorn bush.

There’s always that one game that every player wants to go to, but hasn’t had the chance just yet to get there. Djuan said the Super Game Midwest would be that game for him. Talking about the challenging format, he says it will be fun to play as well as meeting new people that he hasn’t met before. Seeing how other people play makes it more interesting for him, he says, and allows him to learn more that what he already knows about paintball. When asked about his gear, he revealed he uses the 160R and the Macdev Prime.

Djuan has played many forms of paintball, but enjoys woodsball the most. The missions and the obstacles keep it interesting for him and he loves just hanging out with all the players, who he says really feels like a family. His most memorable game was Living Legends 11, at Hell Survivors Paintball. He was on the Crusade side, under command of Connor McKenzie and made the biggest comeback in the history of Living Legends. When asked about how far he’s traveled to play, he told us Black Ops, in NC.

We all have our perspectives and opinions of how to act when playing paintball and Djuan believes playing with honesty and integrity is the most important part, as well as having as much fun as possible!

That does it for tonight’s Spotlight by Buffalo Paintball. Thank you to everyone for reading and we look forward to showcasing the next player in the coming weeks.

Jacob Rozsa

Buffalo Paintball


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