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Spotlight 9/13/21 - Tom Ventura

Alright Buffalo Paintball Fans, get ready for a new series of Player Spotlights starting with the awesome Tom Ventura!

Tom hails from West Haven, CT and has 13 years as a paintball player. From the age of 16 Tom started with woodsball and he began expanding to other local fields by the time he turned 21. He's also been playing scenario events for the last 3 years. He funds his long time paintball addiction by working as a receiving/delivery manager. While Tom calls Hogans Alley his home field he definitely likes to get out as much as possible, currently he's checked off 12 fields (5 from CT alone) in 6 different States!

Like most of the Buffalo Paintball fam Venrura values the paintball community and how it really does look after each other like a family. Tom gives it 110% with everything he does; when he came out to his first Buffalo Paintball Event ( Battle Of Bunker Bill at Liberty Paintball) he even picked up a redcoat jersey to play the part! Since then he's come out for 3 more of our events and is planning to play alot more! We asked Tom to pick out only one event for next year but that's not an easy task for any scenario player to decide. Eventually he settled on ION, he's dreamed of the rush that comes when you rush off the boats since he was 16; he wants it even more after plans to attend a few years ago fell apart.

Tom is more of a woodsball player over speedball however that's mostly because of opportunities and fields he plays at. He loves his MG100 but his OG MINI is never far away. One of his favorites memories of paintball, so far, is Living Legends 13. It stands out because he got to play with some really elite teams; Physco clown possy, Mad Frog, Command Bros, Home grown ballers and the ever-awesome Refs from LAW. So far the furthest Tom has travelled is NC to Black Ops Paintball, but like most ballers there are many fields left on his bucket list.

Tom's final words are for all the new players out there "Never hold back, make the moves you imagine doing cuz dont forget ...Its just paint. The LeGg out"

~Eli Gallibois - Spotlight Author | Buffalo Paintball


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