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Spotlight 8/12/19 Salvatore Giacobbe

It’s the peak of paintball season and what a great year it’s been so far. To those of you that are first time readers, welcome to Spotlight, where we interview players from all over and hear what they have to say about their experience in paintball so far.

For this edition of Spotlight, we’ve asked Salvatore Giacobbe, from Syracuse, New York to share his paintball experiences and what he loves about the sport.

Salvatore has been playing paintball for 23 years and likes to play at a variety of fields, but his main field is Check Six Paintball and Pro Shop. In addition, he’s played at numerous fields over the years; AAA, GRC Paintball, Boss, Knights, X-Factor, Albany Paintball Experience, Normel, War Club,Mallory Field and Headrush. Everyone has one thing that they love about the sport, whether it’s the gameplay itself, or the people you play with. Salvatore’s response was clear when he told us “The spirit of our team.” He’s right, paintball players have a lot of passion for the sport and the team aspect showcases that camaraderie among players.

One of the many big decisions in paintball, is which events to attend every year. Salvatore has attended many scenario and speedball events and informed us that out of all the events he could go to, he would choose ION for scenario and NXL Dallas for speedball. Most players prefer one type of gameplay over the other, but Salvatore likes to explore the different aspects of both. He told us that he just loves paintball all around and that he’ll play whatever style. Equipment is always unique to each player that uses it and Salvatore shared with us his preferred gear - his Gtek-160R is a workhorse, he said. He has two of them.

Experiences are what make paintball an amazing sport to play. The community of players is unlike any other, welcoming and more than happy to educate anyone on the subject. At the age of 16, Salvatore was accepted to the semi pro team Gen-X, which was mostly an adult team, so he was excited when he was invited to play for them. Of all the events that were the most memorable to him, he told us “Battle of Bunker Hill” at GRC Paintball. We all know the amount of traveling paintball players do, as well as the amazing places we get to visit. Salvatore has traveled far and wide, with San Antonio, TX being the furthest he’s been to play.

Each spotlight, we ask players to give some advice to new, first time players. When asked what kind of recommendations he might have for new players, Salvatore responded with “Don't be afraid to ask questions; 85% of PB players want nothing more than for you to join them and grow the sport. Plus most of us are attention whores anyway.”

That does it for tonight’s Spotlight by Buffalo Paintball. Be sure to like, comment or share to possibly be selected / featured in a future spotlight! Thank you to everyone for reading and we look forward to showcasing the next player in the coming weeks.

Jacob Rozsa

Buffalo Paintball


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