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Nin Bogue #7

Question: What was your introduction to paintball, and what year was it and at what field?

Answer: Back in 1999 I got started in paintball to be active with my son, who was 10 at the time. I was hired and trained to be the head ref for our local field X Paint on Transit road, South of Lockport New York.  I helped run games and tournaments as well. I was intramental in the our first scenario games, " Saving private Bryan",  " Lost behind enemy lines" and the sci fi movies, " Predator game" in 02 and 03. 

Question: Years played in the sport?

Answer: 20 years in the game and still going strong.

Question: What fields have you played at?

Answer: X Paint, Skirmish USA, Extreme Paintball, EMR, Battlefront Reloaded, 3 Rivers PB,  Head Hunters, Capitol Combat Zone, GRC, Pentagon Paintball, Concrete Central, The Jello Factory, N' Vasion Paintball, Tsunami Paintball, Niagara Falls old factory. 

Question: What team or teams have you been a part of or played for?

Answer: Kingdom Force, Buffalo Paintball

Question: What is your favorite marker of choice?

Answer: My Tippmann,  super mod HP X7

Question: Are you more Speedball or Woodsball?

Answer: I am a big fan of woodsball.  But I believe every good player should have some speedball in them to have this game down well.

Question: What is your occupation?

Answer: Professional Decorative painter, Mural & fine artist, Designer and Custom painter.

Question: What area are you from?

Answer: Western, New York


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