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Spotlight 8/10/20 - Kristopher Moseley

Alright Buffalo Paintball fans we've got time for one more Player Spotlight before the Battle of Bunker Hill event on the 22nd of August so we thought we'd sit down with Kristopher Moseley; General for the Colonials.

Kris is from upstate NY and is a Special Education Teacher for a smaller rural school and wouldn't change it for the world. He played paintball for the first time back in 2004/2005 but didn't into the sport until 2013 with some outlaw ball and now playing a lot more at legit fields. He calls Capital Combat Zone in Troy, NY and Albany Paintball Experience home most days, he says he's very lucky to both a CQB field and a larger woodsball field to pick from. Commander Kris has played a TON of fields across the Northeast including GRC, EMR, Skirmish, OSG and even Colchester Paintball in Vermont. The furthest he's ever gone for an event is PRZ in Ontario, Canada (which is just down the road from me).

Kris runs a Planet Eclipse MG/EMF 100 but his second favorite is his reliable TiPX pistol; don't be surprised to see him running either one at Bunker Hill! Like so many others, Kris is hooked on the rush that is unmatched by the majority of other sports and the community around the fields and events. When it comes to new players, his advice is simple, each time you walk onto the field expect to be shot, a lot, that way when it happens its not a surprise.

Kris's most memorable paintball experience: "During a magfed event at EMR, I was able to “sneak behind enemy lines” (Note: The game rules stated armbands / colored tape were specifically not required for this event) and infiltrate an on field staging area of about 20 players ready to move on a the at the time lightly defended EMR Castle. Luckily, I had a Dye DAM and box rotor. The event was semi-auto only, so I wasn’t able to take everyone out before being eliminated myself, but I was able to take out enough people that the assault, and their final attempt to push us out of the Castle, was stopped completely." Semi-Auto, no armbands, magfed, sure does sound like one crazy game!!

Commander Kris has been the general for several local events and is really looking forward to stepping up a level with Bunker Hill. He's also got XO experience from Bunker Hill at GRC. His biggest advantage is the players fighting along side him, he says he's got some of the best ready to go! He'll rely on those teams, team-leaders and individuals that have been recruited to fight alongside him; when we win, it will be a full team win. Kris is looking forward to a competitive event where it all comes down to one big final battle!

Commander Kris says to those playing for the reds "Why would you CHOOSE be a dirty Red-coat when you can be a Rebel? All jokes aside, Colonial Command and I welcome all players and teams no matter their style of play, whether that is strictly pump, magfed, stock-class, etc. We have thus far built a strong coalition of scenario/speedball and limited paint players and teams that will be a force to be reckoned with on the field. This is going to be a great event and a close fight, so join us and we’ll put you and/or your team to good use"

As we get close to the event now Kris and his XOs, Luke Miller (Captain of Buffalo Rush) and Scott Forbes are focusing in and planning “strategy” for Bunker Hill. They are working with team leaders and players that will be playing for the Colonials and sending updates about the game and what to expect. If anyone planning on attending and playing for the Colonial side has any questions, they can get a hold of him at

~Eli Gallibois - PFOSA Founder | Buffalo Paintball


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