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Spotlight 6/8/20 - Luke Miller

For this issue of Buffalo Paintball's Spotlight we'd like to introduce everybody to Luke Miller. Luke is a bring young man from Mastic, Long Island, New York with the entrepreneurial drive to start his own business. He's a second generation paintball player who started at 13 with a Tippmann 98 that his dad gave him. His home field is High Velocity in Bayshore, NY and he says everybody there is "awesome and wicked cool". Luke has also played at Skirmish, A.P.E and Cousins to list a few and plans on branching out to even more fields in the future.

He couldn't pick just one thing when we asked what his favorite part of the sport is; it's all the little moments from traveling, to camping with the team, to the friendships he's made along the way. He loves his XLS marker because it's light-weight and low-maintenance. Luke wants to tell new players these key pieces of advice; don't be afraid to ask questions, this is how you learn and everybody is family in paintball and we help family.

Luke is one of 4 Commanders at the upcoming Nexus Event. He'll be paying close attention while acting in the XO role at Bunker Hill in August and he'll be bringing that knowledge and experience with him for Nexus. He's really looking forward to the challenge of a 4 team scenario. Luke is well prepared and excited to be leading the Cobras team. He knows that he's going to be underestimated by the other teams as they consider him an underdog; and this is his greatest weapon, the element of surprise. Watch out for this team they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Luke wants to tell Nexus players it's always more fun to win as an underdog so come join Cobras for a great battle! He says, if you're new to the big game scene then come join for a good time and if you're experienced you'll be listened too and respected by him and the XOs.

The road up to Nexus is going to be incredibly busy for Luke. This entire summer he has quite a few events to go to. Every weekend in July has a scenario and half of August is booked. This doesn't include the practice days he'll need to get in and speedball tournaments with the Akbars Misfits Team. Lukes' last words are "If you want to try something more mission based, then I will get you on it. The team can expect clear communication from my XO's and I. They can expect to have an amazing time, win or lose. Still though, I have faith in my XO's and faith in everyone that will join me. We Will Win."

With that, we’d like to thank everyone for reading and we hope you join us for the next edition of Spotlight! Be sure to like, comment or share to possibly be selected / featured in a future spotlight!

~Eli Gallibois PFOSA Founder Buffalo Paintball


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