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Spotlight 4/1/19 - Rob Kryczkowski

Today in the Buffalo Paintball Spotlight is a field like no other. A field that has so many different play styles. Check Six Paintball Fields & Proshop has started in the community of Rome New York in 2012 with a woodsball course and a small moving truck. For years this small place in central New York has brought many players together and gave them something to look forward to.

By the end of 2014  Check Six Paintball Fields & Proshop felt like the field could do more for the players, in 2015 Speedball was introduced to the field expanding the possibilities for what the field is to become. For years the field prospered until 2018 when  Check Six Paintball Fields & Proshop moved to its current home in Whitesboro New York. Some much was added to this field including more space to play, turf and something new to come in 2019 with lights for night play to more fields to play. More people began to notice the field and what was being accomplished at Check Six. Read it in the headlines "Check Six takes aim at family fun", and that is just wait it is here at Check Six. It all began with a man who worked hard for many years in our nations military, Rob Kryczkowski, a man who dedicated many years of his life in the Air Force.

One day while stationed in the United Kingdom, Rob was asked by the locals if he would like to join them for a game of paintball. Rob loved the game that when he returned home to Rome where he worked a few jobs before opening Check Six Paintball. Rob has been playing the game for 24 years now and still loves playing the game even today. Rob has even gone out and played at scenario games one game in particular was ION in 2016 when he was holding the German Atlantic wall with a few teammates he had left on his team, a smoke grenade lands right near him and when he attempted to grab it he falls on it and smoke fills his mask. While sitting there choking and gagging on the smoke the enemy team jumps the wall and lights him up. Sometimes you just need to hold the line. But even with a story like that, Rob has many plans for the future, building a dynasty as some would say, at Check Six. "My business is only as good as the people I have help me. Without them, I wouldn’t be...  my team players are the backbone of the sport and my business." Rob has made such a career out of paintball you can even find him in Greg Hastings Paintball 2 on the Google play store or the Apple Marketplace!

When you are looking for a paintball field to play some paintball at, be sure to check out  Check Six Paintball Fields & Proshop in Whitesboro, NY for a fun family style atmosphere. Checkout or for more info on upcoming events and scenario games. Who's got your six? Check Six Paintball Fields & Proshop for all your paintball needs and goods!

Thank You

Dustin Schindler

Sales & Merchandising

Buffalo Paintball


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