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Spotlight 10/8/18 Paintball For A Cure

Buffalo Paintball Spotlight Segment

Welcome back to all the paintball fans out there! This week on Buffalo Paintball’s Spotlight, we’d like to take a look at what it means to be part of the paintball community.

Paintball is so much more than just a game for people to play. Buffalo Paintball is dedicated to providing the best paintball experience around and supporting the community in any way we can. On October 20th, 2018, Buffalo Paintball will host its first annual “Paintball For A Cure” paintball charity game.

Buffalo Paintball & GRC Paintball have teamed up with Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the fight against cancer. Come out to GRC Paintball on October 20th and show your support, whether you want to play or just spectate, all proceeds will be donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

“Paintball to me now is more than playing in tournaments, woods ball or anything like that. To me now its about going out meeting new people and becoming friends with some of the most funniest people you could ever meet.”

Thank You

Dustin Schindler

Sales & Marketing

Buffalo Paintball


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