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Spotlight 10/22/2018 Glen and Rob Cole

It’s time once again for Buffalo Paintball’s Spotlight Segment. We’re here to give you the people's perspective on paintball. Remember, you or your team can be chosen to be part of our Spotlight Segment by hitting that “Like” button, sharing posts and commenting on them! On this week’s edition of Spotlight, we are going to a place many of us know and love in Angelica NY; GRC Paintball with Rob and Glen Cole. To me, Rob and Glen are the heart to paintball. I have played at many fields, but the attention to detail and the atmosphere they have created at their field is one of a kind. The structures they have created for all to enjoy is definitely something you need to see for yourself. Glen, the strongest 70 year old man I have ever met, is responsible for most, if not all of the buildings and bunkers you can hide behind or even climb inside for full cover. The announcement of their latest project which will be unveiled in the summer of 2019, “The Alamo” is going to take GRC and paintball to the next level. Together, Glen and Rob have made several areas in the field to work for many different playing styles. The best part is that the grass is well groomed, pothole free, and level. The woodsball course is massive with bunkers all over the place for cover other than the trees. They have put tons of time and effort into their field, and they’ve more than succeeded in their goal to make a field that is safe, fun and has endless possibilities. Rob played paintball for the first time in 1987 and continued like us all on and off for a few years. That changed when Glen purchased new paintball guns for Rob and his brother-in-law, Mark. The sport took a nice turn to where they began to play just about every weekend on a makeshift course behind their dad’s house. Rob enjoyed paintball so much he began to play in tournaments all around the New York and Pennsylvania area. Soon, he began to play with very well known teams such as Team Supermodels, Lockout and his personal favorite, Shockwave Canada. The tournaments went on for several years taking him all over the country and being away for 8-10 weeks at a time. For some, being away for that long over and over again can take its toll. In 2015 Rob played his last event. But that did not keep him from still pursuing paintball. GRC opened in the summer of 1994 with a retail shop on Main St. in Belfast New York. In 1996 GRC purchased the land that we all know and love on Van Allen Rd. That facility was finally open to the public in the spring on 1996. In 1999, Rob looked to someone who has helped him all his life through everything; he wanted his father Glen to become a partner in GRC. That very same year, Rob and Glen began construction on a 80'x200' piece of property where that enclosed steel building is standing. Considering that both Rob and Glen have full time jobs and the family’s ability to make GRC continually bigger is a feat in itself. "The amount of improvements made annually is crazy! I really don't know how we manage it all!" If it weren’t for people like Rob and Glen, we all would not have the amazing paintball experience that we do at GRC. Their continued dedication and efforts towards expanding the field and the paintball community make GRC Paintball one of the best places around."At GRC we always welcome new players. Paintball is the Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced player for advice about basic game play, advanced tactics, technical issues and what type of equipment to purchase... They don’t mind at all, and are always willing to help! Just ask!" Rob Cole Check them out at Thank You Dustin Schindler Sales & Marketing Buffalo Paintball


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